The LBRY Community Fund

Come Build Your Project on the LBRY Protocol

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About Foundation Grants

Do you have an idea of a project you could build using the LBRY protocol, or
want to help promote awareness and use of the LBRY protocol and open source tools?

Build a project on LBRY

Come help build and promote the world's library.

The LBRY Foundation receives funding from a portion of the 200 million LBC premined credits reserved for Community to spread the use and adoption of the LBRY protocol. The more people that use and love LBRY, the stronger the LBRY network is.

Ways to become involved or find ideas for grant projects:

  • Contribute to the development of LBRY's Open Source Projects
  • Host a LBRY Meetup in your town
  • Create videos or graphics to promote or explain LBRY
  • Make a new product that uses or incorporates LBRY open source software
  • Free speech projects

Create Your Funding Proposal

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Ready to apply? Here are some tips for success:

Have a Clear Goal

The best proposals have a simple, clear goal and an expected outcome, with measurable results.

Start Small

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, and you may receive multiple grants. Successful completion of projects helps build your trustworthiness.

Host a Meetup

We have a great need to spread awareness about LBRY. Host a meetup and we will give you swag including LBRY Credits.

Have Questions?

Feel free to send us an email with any additional questions you have about our grant program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about the LBRY Foundation and applying for a grant

LBRY Foundation

Public contributions are crucial for the development and continued success of the LBRY application and network. If you have questions about the LBRY Community Fund or want to ask about a potential project, please send an email to